About Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter handcrafts cosmetics from nature. We believe beauty products are best harnessed from nature’s own plants and minerals, combined with innovative formulation to deliver natural bioactive results.

We are mindful in ingredient sourcing including choosing Ecocert approved blends, herbs, oils and minerals. We disrupt traditional single-use plastic packaging with biodegradable cardboard or reusable glassware. Together with our customers and the supply chain, we strive to leave a healthier planet Earth to our children.

Our singular vision is to enable our customers to make healthy and responsible choices easier.

WILD Virgin Coconut Oil

Purest oil from the Solomon Islands

Our coconuts are harvested from naturally wild coconut trees that grow in the pristine Solomon Islands. These islands are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, allowing us to produce only the purest virgin coconut oil.

We only work with fairtrade smallholders range from family-run farms, local women’s groups to small island communities. Every 500ml jar of our WILD Virgin Coconut Oil consists of 8 hand pressed wild coconuts. Enjoy a little taste of the Solomon Islands at home today.

Freshest oil made by villagers

Our search for the best virgin coconut oil led us to the multi-award winning Direct Micro Expelling (DME™) farm based process. This Australian technology is the quickest process in the world. Farmers hand press fresh coconuts into virgin coconut oil within 60 minutes, where they live.

WILD virgin coconut oil is prepared in small, manageable, daily batches, adhering to strict quality control standards. By choosing the DME™ farm based process, our customers are able to enjoy the world’s freshest virgin coconut oil and we invite you to taste the difference.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Coconut Oil are similar to the natural fats in breast milk and in turn, possess similar nutriceutical effects. It’s antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties makes Virgin Coconut Oil a household essential. It’s luxurious texture and delicate aroma makes it a sensory treat.

When consumed, our body absorbs MCFAs directly to our liver, providing a boost of energy and increasing our metabolism to burn fat. Our liver also convert MCFAs into Ketones to produce alternative fuel to keep our brains going throughout the day. Go WILD, choose Coconut Matter’s Virgin Coconut Oil.

Fair living truly matters

The multi-award winning DME™ farm based process empowers smallholders to produce high value WILD virgin coconut oil where the coconuts are grown. This enables the smallholders to provide sustainable fair living for their families and the communities. Villagers benefit from direct local employment and earning fair returns so age-old customs can be passed down for many generations to come.

Pristine reefs and rainforests are protected by utilising an existing resource and are supported by a sustainable, self-fuelling, zero waste process. Join us in embodying fair living as we work towards building a lifestyle that truly matters for everyone.

8 steps to Pure, Fresh WILD virgin coconut oil

Step One

Wild coconuts are dehusked and split by hand.

Step Two

Wild coconuts are grated to extract their flesh.

Step Three

Wild coconut flesh is weighed into small batches.

Step Four

The grated coconut flesh is dried, ready for pressing.

Step Five

Each small batch is then cold pressed by hand.

Step Six

Our WILD Virgin Coconut Oil is freshly extracted.

Step Seven

Virgin coconut oil is filtered to ensure the purity.

Step Eight

Bottle the organic coconut oil: WILD, for Coconut Matter.

What they are saying about WILD

“WILD is lovely. (It feels) silky without being too oily because it soaks right in if you use it as a moisturizer. It’s also perfect for cooking. The coconut taste isn’t overpowering, you can taste it – just the perfect amount of subtleness. I would use it everyday mainly as a moisturizer and to oil pull. It’s definitely a great product.”

Paveena Atipatha, Yoga instructor

“WILD has so many amazing uses; from making the most delicious scrambled eggs to helping soothe sunburn and (is) a fabulous moisturiser. We have a jar in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We love it!”

Marjie Sweeney, Teacher

“WILD is pure, pristine, and fresh – and all those qualities come through in my various uses with this coconut oil. I have made curry with it, where that heavenly aroma and taste adds to the yumminess factor! And I have added it onto our regular Saturday morning pancakes, topped up with bananas – another big YUM! But my personal favorite is oil pulling – because it keeps my personal health in a tip-top condition.”

Bhakti Tanya, Therapist

“I am a big fan of using coconut oil, everything from cooking with it, eating it in smoothies and also using it as a moisturiser. I love the versatility of the product and am slowly being educated on the different grades of oil that are currently available in the marketplace, from the organic type to the commercially mass produced. Since using WILD virgin coconut oil, I can really tell the difference!”.

Caroline Wong, Corporate Communications

“I like WILD’s texture, the aroma is just right and you know this is Coconut OIl but the aroma won’t drive you away. When using it for Oil Pulling, it doesn’t give me a greasy feeling. I use it on a daily basis for oil pulling, on my hair before blow drying and as a serum on my skin.”

Teresa Hui, Financial Services

“WILD feels super creamy and luxurious on skin. I blend it with honey and used it as a facial, it feels heavenly.”

Martina Lee, Yoga instructor

“My favourite thing about WILD is it’s many functional benefits. If I could describe it in one word, it would be pure.”

Jade Chan, Holistic Therapist

“I truly enjoy applying WILD on my body and hair. I always carry WILD in my handbag or travel case because it comes in handy as a natural hand sanitiser, and antibacterial for odd cuts and mosquito bites. It is a great energy booster with my coffee and so delicious. Knowing my favorite virgin coconut oil is sustainably made by farmers in the Solomon Islands is good for the soul.”

Diane van Zwanenberg, Founder

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