Beginner’s Guide to Coconut Oil by Coconut Matter

The Ultimate Beginner’s guide to Coconut Oil

The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Coconut Oil are similar to the natural fats in breast milk and in turn, possess similar nutriceutical effects. It’s antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties makes Virgin Coconut Oil a household essential. It’s luxurious texture and delicate aroma makes it a sensory treat.

When consumed, our body absorbs MCFAs directly to our liver, providing a boost of energy and increasing our metabolism to burn fat. Our liver also convert MCFAs into Ketones to produce alternative fuel to keep our brains going throughout the day.

Coconut Matter’s WILD virgin coconut oil is

  • pure, fresh and versatile
  • sourced from the pristine Solomon Islands
  • hand pressed within 60 minutes of harvest from fairtrade farmers
  • produced ethically using the Direct Micro Expelling™ Process

Go WILD, choose Coconut Matter’s Virgin Coconut Oil.

Getting Started

  • Take the time to decant your oil into smaller containers. This minimises the chance of accidental spillage or cross contamination
  • In the cooler months, scoop your solidified WILD and FREE out of it’s jar with a clean spoon
  • When the weather is warm, your WILD and FREE will pour freely from its jar in the way that runny honey would
  • For general well being and weight loss, start enjoying 1 tbsp of WILD a day

In the Bedroom – WILD belongs on your bedside table, here’s why!

  • Use WILD as a light moisturizer
  • WILD makes for an aromatic body massage oil
  • WILD is a safe and all natural lubricant, just be cautious when using it in conjunction with latex
  • First Aid – everything from cuts and blisters to yeast infections, skin eczema and cold sores

In the Bathroom – WILD can be used from head to toe!

  • Oil Pulling – Take one tablespoon of WILD, swish it gently. It helps reduce plaque and gingivitis, prevent bad breath and diminish tooth sensitivity
  • Homemade Toothpaste – combine equal parts of WILD and baking soda with a few drops of essential oils to create your own toothpaste
  • Acne Treatment – use a fresh q-tip and dot any affected areas with a dab of WILD
  • Face Serum – use WILD as a pre-moisturiser serum
  • Homemade Body Scrub – use WILD and follow the recipe to make your favourite body scrubs
  • Make Up Remover – use WILD as a chemical-free makeup remover
  • Hair Care – WILD can be used as a deep conditioning hair mask or as a natural hair serum to combat the effects of frizz, tangles and chlorine damage
  • Shaving Cream – combine WILD with shea cream and essential oils to create a nourishing shaving cream
  • Deodorant – Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of WILD to 1 tablespoon of Arrowroot Powder, apply a thin layer under your arms for all day protection
  • Lip Balm – WILD has a natural SPF of 4 and works great as a moisturising base for lipstick or lip gloss

In the Kitchen – It’s not just a delicious cooking oil!

  • Season your new wok or skillet pan with FREE
  • Use WILD as a base for curries, soups, salad dressings and pasta sauces
  • Bast roasted meat or vegetables with WILD for a juicy and flavoursome result
  • Add a shot of WILD into fresh smoothies or juice to give yourself a natural energy kick
  • Stir WILD into hot coffee or tea for an extra booster on those tough early mornings
  • Substitute WILD or FREE on a 1 to 1 ratio with butter or shortening
  • Recommend WILD or FREE for everyday frying and baking depending on your preference

Around the House – better than elbow grease!

  • Using FREE to unstick zippers and fix door hinges
  • FREE is a great natural buffer for wood and leather based products
  • Mix FREE with equal parts baking soda to create a homemade jewelry polish, lather the mixture and clean it gently with warm water
  • Remove pesky chewing gum off surfaces or out of your children’s hair by rubbing on the affected area with a generous dollop of FREE. Leave it for a few minutes before wiping away with a cloth and warm water

On the Road – the essential everyday carry

  • Keep a jar of WILD as a hand moisturizer or hand sanitiser
  • Disinfect blisters from new shoes and minor cuts with a smear of WILD
  • Reduce the swelling and disinfect the wound from insect bites with WILD
  • Feeling low on energy during the day? Indulge in a spoonful of WILD for a tasty, all natural boost
  • Strengthen body’s resistance to illness with a tablespoon of WILD everyday

A lot of our customers love to keep a few jars of WILD and FREE around the house for easy access and to prevent cross contamination. WILD and FREE have a steady shelf life of up to two years and is currently available in a convenient 500ml jar. Learn more, please see our Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve enjoyed this Beginner’s Guide to Coconut Oil, do share your everyday uses for WILD virgin coconut oil and FREE Odourless coconut oil with us by hashtagging #coconutmatter