Coconut Amino Roasted Nuts


Coconut Amino Roasted Nuts

I’m sure all parents have faced this at some point – whether it be trying to find a healthy snack on the commute between afternoon activities or worse…being stuck in traffic after a long day out with your little one, who is trying hard to keep it together before dinner time. When kids are hungry, it can be a hard time for everyone…making it that much harder to resist reaching over for a convenient, brightly coloured artificial and preservatives packed snack at the supermarket. We all know that the solution is to source healthy organic snacks for our kids or better yet, make our own so that we know EXACTLY what our kids are eating. Knowing full well of the hard task that parents have ahead of them, we decided to reach out to Chef Shima of Sesame Kitchen for a snack recipe that would appeal to all those who are guilty of getting “hangry”. Her Coconut Amino Roasted Nuts are the perfect DIY snack that will be irresistible for kids and adults alike!

Recipe Coconut Aminos


2 Tablespoons of Coconut Amino Sauce

1 Tablespoon of WILD Virgin Coconut Oil

2 Tablespoons, nutritional yeast

200g of sprouted (activated) nuts and seeds of your choice



1. Pour WILD Virgin Coconut Oil into the frying pan heat it up with medium fire.

2. When the pan is well heated, pour in the sprouted nuts and seeds into the pan and stir-fry till it gets a nice ‘roasted’ smell.

3. Remove the pan off the flame and pour in Coconut Amino Sauce and mix well.

4. Add the nutritional yeast and mix well.
5. Let the nuts and seeds cool off and serve!

Growing up, Chef Shima was always a very healthy child – she learnt from a very young age that every body is different as different as the personalities housed inside of them. Her interest in health grew and grew throughout her twenties, ultimately inspiring her to leave office life behind and travel to California to study raw food cooking at Living Light. Upon completing the course, she moved to Bangkok to practise at a raw food cafe in Rasayana Retreat. Chef Shima founded Sesame Kitchen in hopes of passing on her knowledge and passion for making healthy meals at home – as a mother herself, she finds great satisfaction from feeding her family the healthy way.

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