#GoWILDhk – Fair Living Matters

Fair Living Matters – Go WILD

Making healthy lifestyle choices starts with natural and uncomplicated products. For growing families, such simple and basic requirements have proven to be tougher than expected. Processed foods now plague grocery stores and organic certification is often both confusing and misleading. Various foods are laced with complicated ingredients that sound like they belong in a chemistry lab and not on our plates.

Coconut Oil is a natural gift from nature, uncomplicated and incredibly versatile. Since we began our journey in 2009, we have seen how the Coconut Oil industry has grown exponentially, overwhelming consumers with a broad spectrum of products and brands. We decided that we wanted to know more. We took the time to research the brands that we were interested in and the various production processes used to cultivate Coconut Oil. We decided that we wanted to give our customers the best Virgin Coconut Oil possible – thus, the idea of Coconut Matter was born. In order to help our customers build a lifestyle that truly matters, we proudly offer WILD Virgin Coconut Oil, pure, fresh and cold pressed from wild coconut to organic oil in 60 minutes.

Farm based production

Our search for the best virgin coconut oil led us to Dr. Dan Etherington, an Agriculture Economist who has made it his life mission to empower villagers to produce the best quality virgin coconut oil, directly from wild coconuts. The Direct Micro Expelling (DME™) process was invented with the hopes of enhancing the living standards of islanders and ensuring that as many people as possible could benefit from such a wonderful and sustainable local resource. Dr. Dan’s desire to give hope to the wider community has been widely celebrated, including the prestigious honour of becoming a member of the Order of Australia.

DME™ is a 8-steps process that allows our farmers to go from wild coconut to fresh oil within 60 minutes. WILD virgin coconut oil is hand pressed in small batches, adhering to strict quality control standards. Every 500ml jar of our WILD Virgin Coconut Oil consists of 8 hand pressed wild coconuts. By choosing the DME™ farm based process, our customers are able to enjoy the world’s freshest virgin coconut oil and we invite you to taste the difference.

Taste of the Solomon Islands

We chose natural wild coconuts trees from the Solomon Islands because of it’s pristine blue waters and crystal clear skies. Here, time has stood still, whilst tradition and customs remain intact. To this day, the father of a newborn will plant several coconut trees on the day that a new child is born, and those trees would belong to the child for life, providing them with an abundant supply of food, shelter and fuel. The coconut tree’s life span of 60-80 years is considered a “three-generation tree” as it can support a farmer, their children, and their grandchildren.

The islands are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, allowing us to produce only the purest virgin coconut oil. We only work with fairtrade smallholders range from family-run farms, local women’s groups to small island communities. Enjoy a little taste of the Solomon Islands in your home today.

Trade not Aid, Zero waste

The DME™ system facilitates a support structure for all farmers, providing training, management, materials, procedures and financial support throughout the virgin coconut oil production lifecycle. There are currently 12 pacific villages using 40 DME™ system, providing a stable income for at least a dozen workers within each villages. Each farm produces pure, fresh, small batch WILD Virgin Coconut Oil amounting to roughly 30-50L per day. Producing Virgin Coconut oil is the only reliable income source for some of these remote villages.

In addition to producing the best tasting organic Virgin Coconut Oil, DME™ farm based process allows our farmers to utilise the rest of the coconut within their everyday lives. Husk from the coconut is used as fuel to dry the coconut before it is pressed into oil. The dry coconut meal from pressed coconut flesh is a diet staple for many of the islander’s livestock. Non-export quality coconut oil is also utilised by villagers to craft handmade soaps and as a fuel for sustainable light sources. From palm, to trunk, to fruit, to flower, not a single ounce of the Coconut Tree goes to waste.

Pristine reefs and rainforests are protected by utilising an existing resource and are supported by a sustainable, self-fuelling, zero-waste process.

De-industrialised for better oil

Within the Solomon Islands, around 600 million coconuts are produced annually, one third is currently processed and exported as copra. Copra is also the lifeblood of agriculture exports in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The copra is sold to factories where it is then pressed, refined, bleached and deodorised. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates 3,316 million tonnes of coconut oil is produced by the top ten coconut oil producing countries in 2014. As consumers, buying coconut oil produced from copra means buying oil that has lost its natural antimicrobials, and supporting an industry that does not create a stable future for producers nor our environment.

Today, only 0.03% of the Solomon Islands annual coconut production is processed as virgin coconut oil through the DME™ system. We hope that with better knowledge and awareness, you could help reduce copra exports and make WILD Virgin Coconut Oil the Solomon Island’s top export.

Preserve what truly matters

The multi-award winning DME™ farm based process empowers smallholders to produce premium WILD virgin coconut oil and earn an income directly from resources that are already growing in their backyard. It enables communities to stay and work together, instead of having to seek further employment away from their families. Each DME™ farmer not only earns fair returns, but is also ensured a fair living for generations to come.

We chose DME™ because supporting fair trade was not enough. We want to support fair living. Fair living matters. All lives matter. Join us to support our village producers by choosing WILD by Coconut Matter.