Oil Pulling for Oral Health

Oil Pulling for Oral Health

The origins of Oil Pulling date back to ancient Ayurvedic medicine some 3,000 years ago. History lessons aside, it’s fundamentally an easy addition into your morning routine that can help to improve your oral health exponentially. Oil pulling with a high quality organic oil helps to reduce plaque and gingivitis, prevent bad breath and diminish tooth sensitivity. This little daily jaw workout is a great supplemental therapy to routine dental visits and makes for a great traditional at-home oral care.

Theoretically, you could use any oil for oil pulling as most microorganisms living in our mouth consist of a single cell that are covered with a fatty membrane. When these cells come into contact with oil, as “a fat”, they naturally stick together. Because of Virgin Coconut Oil’s naturally occurring antibacterial properties, we prefer to oil pull with WILD. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is comprised of at least 50% of lauric acid, which has antimicrobials that inhibit strep mutans – the primary bacteria that causes tooth decay. WILD is the ideal Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling also tastes fresh in the mouth and will leave your teeth feeling clean and shiny.

The best time to try Oil Pulling is in the morning before eating breakfast, but it can technically be done before any meal. Take just under one tablespoon of WILD virgin coconut oil and swish it gently for 10 to 30 minutes. Use this time to check your emails, prepare breakfast or ready yourself for a busy day ahead. If your jaw starts to ache after five minutes, take things down a notch and swish slower. Your mouth will start to feel fuller as the oil collects the fat and saliva; it will turn milky white in colour. Once you have finished pulling, discard the swished oil into the bin. Do not discard the oil into the sink or down the toilet as it could potentially clog your pipes. Rinse with water or salt water before you start to drink or eat anything.

Oil pulling has a powerful detoxifying effect. Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Oil Pulling Therapy suggests regular oil pulling can help sufferer of asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, migraine headaches, PMS, and chronic skin problems. For us at Coconut Matter, oil pulling has seamlessly become part of our daily morning routine – we’re certain that you too will notice how clean your mouth feels for the remainder of the day.

Many of our customers have a designated jar of Coconut Oil in their bathroom just for Oil Pulling! For easy storage and efficient access on those busy mornings, we recommend that you measure out WILD virgin coconut oil and store them as daily “servings”. During Winter, you can put a single tablespoon of melted WILD into each compartment of an ice cube trays – these will firm up into singular portions that you can store in your bathroom inside of an empty WILD jar. In Summer, instead of fumbling around for a measuring spoon, take a shot glass and mark it at the 15ml point so that you can accurately measure out how much WILD you will need for Oil Pulling each morning.

Happy Pulling!

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