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We introduce to you the Le Soap x Coconut Matter collaboration of the Coco Bar Face soap. This light and nourishing soap is made with the intention to raise awareness of sustainability and preservation of our earth. Made with Solomon Islands’ Virgin Coconut Oil – top quality and premium virgin coconut oils.

Le Soap is a company own by Leila Kong, a local Hong Kong celebrity and an ambassador for Plan International, one of the world’s leading development organisations with specific focus on children. A fellow advocate for fair trade, Leila Kong has invited Coconut Matter to collaborate on a series of limited edition soaps, in the spirit of supporting the Solomon Island community and working towards building a better tomorrow for our planet.

The Solomon Islands are an island nation amongst the South Pacific Ocean, located in the north easterly direction of Australia, totalling 990 islands. The United Nations have classified the Solomon Islands as one of the most underdeveloped nations due to it’s lag in economic development. Unfortunately, the locals do not have access to an effective education system, rendering half the population illiterate. Islanders have limited opportunities to earn an income independently and out of desperation, much of the islands operates through a singular economic industry – logging. Logging currently makes up of 55% of the Solomon Island’s trade revenue and over time could potentially do catastrophic damage to the nation’s pristine surroundings.

With this in mind, Australian Agricultural Economist Dr. Dan Ethertington founded a no environmental impact and fair trade production process – the Direct Micro Expelling process. He journeyed to the Solomon Islands to personally instruct villagers on how to utilise the island’s abundant crop of wild coconuts and produce the world’s freshest Virgin Coconut Oil. DME expelling allows local farmers to go from coconut to oil within 60 minutes of harvest. Not only does this create a viable income for local villagers, but Dr. Etherington’s DME is a zero waste process with no negative impact on the natural environment.

CocoBar soap is handmade in the Hong Kong using WILD virgin coconut oil, Castor oil and Pearl Powder. It does not contain synthetic foaming agents, such as SLS, SLES nor chemical surfactants, thickeners, stabilisers or preservatives. Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of virgin coconut oil soap:

Virgin Coconut Oil has a myriad of wellbeing benefits – one of which is how it soothes, moisturizes and relaxes the skin naturally. It’s antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties also make Coconut Oil one of the best natural skincare products available.

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