Gifts more sustainable for this Mother’s Day

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At Coconut Matter, we believe in leaving a healthier planet to our children because we love them, and we want to gift them only the best.

Ah, Mother’s Day. What a lovely chance to show you care for Mother Earth. We’ve got a few ideas below for something a little more sustainable, and we think good value too. To reduce waste, limited numbers are available.

The most sustainable gift of all will require no raw materials, no production, no shipping and no packaging….and definitely not from us! Only you could gift her your time. Enjoy mum.

Limited Edition – Sustainable gifts

This Mother’s Day, we feature Jasmine. Jasmine invokes wisdom and peace, and signifies sweet love. Being mindful with our gift selection for our mum show our love for Mother Earth.

A big bouquet of flowers shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” is such a wonderful gift. The ton of jet fuel to fly them in from thousand of miles make one wonder about carbon footprint. A beautiful, sustainable, heart-happy option is our Jasmine infused coconut oil. The heavenly scent of Jasmine with a hint of citrus promote well-being and happiness.

A set of Body Butter handcrafted from plants-based ingredients will delights mum. The velvety butter soften her skin, leaving her smelling and feeling fabulous. The tin tubs save our ocean and marine, and ultimately our food chain and overall health from plastic pollution.

A big bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day gives much pleasure over two weeks period. Bouquets are each wrapped in 75cm of plastic cellophane, which brings plastic waste to overfill your bin! A lasting, sustainable option is Rose Jasmine Gift box filled with Lavender KissBalm, Rose Hand & Cuticle balm and Jasmine Infused coconut oil.

A beautifully wrapped natural body care gift sets give a gift of daily pleasure found in living. Most shops gift packaging leave mum with heaps of trash. A cruelty-free, all natural option is Body Bliss Gift box presented in a designer box filled with body butters, soap and coconut oil give mum a wonderful state of hydration with coconut-rich skin care.