Natural Mineral Deep Rose

HKD $100.00


Add a bright and intense playful colour with our Deep Rose natural mineral to your KISS Balm. Natural mineral can be use to formulate eye shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, hair highlights, coloured mascara, nail polish, body shimmer or blush.

Making tinted KISS Balms with cosmetic grade natural mineral creates a slight shimmer and subtle shade that accentuates the natural colour of your lips and brightens your smile. We recommend 2g to 5g for 6 tins of KISS BALM, depending on the desired intensity of colour and the coverage you want to achieve. Natural mineral can be mixed into KISS Balm once the ingredients have melted and mixed together.

We recommend natural mineral as the choice for formulating cosmestic including tinting KISS Balm. It is a naturally occurring mineral and it is oil soluble. Natural minerals are made from mineral rocks, which are refined and purified. It is approved under EU regulation for cosmetic use without restriction. This requires the natural mineral to go through an extra process to refine and purify them for safe cosmetic use on lips. Our natural mineral selection has particle sizes ranging from 10-60 microns, which will allow our skin to breathe while offering protection. We do not offer nanoparticles as it may penetrate all the layers of skin and enter the bloodstream.

We only source from PATA certified manufacturer to provide animal cruelty free products. We also ensure that all our natural mineral are free from forced labour of any kind. We do not stock natural mineral containing artificial dyes, as we prefer to keep our products as natural as we possibly can.

Weight .2 kg