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超强修复滋养 NO MORE BLUE潤手及甲皮霜含荷荷巴油原始乳木果油及純保加利亞薰衣草精油深度滋润、不油腻,用后手部柔软嫩滑超强修复滋养功能能滋潤皮膚顧客向我們分享 NO MORE BLUE 有效紓濕疹

The richest and most nourishing balm, our NO MORE BLUE HAND & CUTICLE BALM absorbs almost instantly and leaves no greasy residue. Infused with Bulgaria Lavender essential oil, blend with Jojoba oil and Unrefined Shea butter leaves your hands soft and lightly perfumed. Customers have shared it can even keep mild eczema at bay.

NO MORE BLUES hand and cuticle balm is the richest and most nourishing balm that absorbs almost instantly and leaves no greasy residue. Customers have shared it can even keep mild eczema at bay. The moisturising base of Jojoba oil and Unrefined Shea butter is boosted by the refreshing and rejuvenating fragrance of pure Grapefruit, Red Mandarin and Bulgaria Lavender essential oils.


WILD organic virgin coconut oil is sustainably produced from fresh, wild coconuts. Our oil is cold pressed by hand within 60mins of harvest in the pristine Solomon Islands and coconut oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are well known for their health and protection qualities.

Jojoba is the liquid wax produced in the seed of the Jojoba plant. A shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico. Jojoba is chemically very similar to human sebum.

Pure Grape Seed Oil is delicate and light-coloured, extracted from seeds of the grape. Known for its incredibly strong antioxidant and moisturising properties, it also helps to carry other ingredients deeper into your skin.

Vegan Candelilla Wax is extracted from the Candelilla shrub that is found in Mexico. Rich in nutrients, it helps to bind other ingredients together to make an all green, vegan skin care.

Fair Trade, unrefined Grade A Raw Shea Butter is extracted from the wild nut of the African Shea tree using sustainable and natural methods by women living in the Northern region of Ghana. Our Shea Butter is of the finest quality and intensely nourishing, it is also gentle and easily absorbed into your skin.

Rice starch has the smallest particle size compared to potato and corn starch. It imparts a silky feel to all skin care. products

One of the purest forms of cosmetic Vitamin E possible, with a minimum of a 70% mixture of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Tocopherols in Sunflower seed oil. Tocopherol ensures WonderBalms’ freshness and quality, and adding antioxidant properties.

A blend of Grapefruit and Red Mandarin pure essential oils to refresh and rejuvenate, plus a subtle sweet and woody aroma from Bulgaria Lavender to lift the mood.