The DME™ system facilitates a support structure for all farmers, providing training, management, materials, procedures and financial support throughout the virgin coconut oil production lifecycle. There are currently 12 pacific villages using 40 DME™ system, providing a stable income for at least a dozen workers within each villages. Each farm produces pure, fresh, small batch WILD Virgin Coconut Oil amounting to roughly 30-50L per day. Producing Virgin Coconut oil is the only reliable income source for some of these remote villages.

In addition to producing the best tasting organic Virgin Coconut Oil, DME™ farm based process allows our farmers to utilise the rest of the coconut within their everyday lives. Husk from the coconut is used as fuel to dry the coconut before it is pressed into oil. The dry coconut meal from pressed coconut flesh is a diet staple for many of the islander’s livestock. Non-export quality coconut oil is also utilised by villagers to craft handmade soaps and as a fuel for sustainable light sources. From palm, to trunk, to fruit, to flower, not a single ounce of the Coconut Tree goes to waste.

Pristine reefs and rainforests are protected by utilising an existing resource and are supported by a sustainable, self-fuelling, zero-waste process.



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