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The best deodorant, ever

Smells fresh and last well. I pespire heavily and it doesnt help that im living in a very hot and humid country, and i needed to reapply in the middle of the day to stay fresh. Very mild whitish residue on dark clothes but can be washed off easily but also probably due to the fact i pespire alot. Overall, the best deodorant I have used and i have already ordered twice. I introduced this (not the hero scent i use) to my wife and she loves it too.

Coconut Pit Detox 5 Pack Natural Deodorants

Bliss deodorant

Am in awe after using the products esp Bliss deodorant. It literally keeps me dry and I simply love the scent in it. I will make my 2nd order soon.. Keep up the good works..

The best deodorant I ever had

I absolutely love formula, and how it works. It really is gentle but effective. And the packaging is a bomb, love it! Spending substantially more money for a deodorant becomes an easy choice when you know how good, healthy and ecological it is. Id prefer to have an option to buy the chosen scents in bulk, instead of having to buy all five different. I don't like heavy, flower scents, so if I had a choice to buy five whatever, I would definitely make my own selection. Love the packaging all in paper, don't know aboy the few stickers on it, are they biodegradable? Would be great if they were. Anyway, love it and recommend it to all my friends and family.

awww...thanks for melting our hearts ❤️

Bulk pack - you are welcome to leave us a NOTE on CART page with your preferred combo

Sticker - the compostable stickers are specially ordered from an UK printer who sourced the raw material from paper mills waste.

love it !!!!

thank you ❤️

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