How can I redeem and pay with a gift card?

Congratulations! Here’s how digital gift works: you receive an email with a digital gift card, you click on the “CLAIM GIFT CARD” link which will take you to our website for shopping. Once you have completed shopping, your gift value will automatically apply at check out. In case your shipping is more than the value of the gift care, you can pay the remaining balance.

Do you offer discounts for corporate gifting?

Sure do! Get in touch with us with what you’re looking for and we’ll help get your order placed



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Good find
Pit Detox Smarter Pack
We love them!
Awww - this makes us very happy! We are delighted the boys are on it too - a great way to kick off clean and healthy lifestyle.
Thank you for sharing. Perhaps try using less - and massage the deodorant in? We make the deodorant high performing, so a littles goes a long way. If you use once a day, it should last 3 to 4 months. Some customers noticed they can cut down on number of swipes per day, or apply every other day.