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It REALLY works! I'm so impressed!

As someone who is constantly covered in mosquito bites after a day at the beach or camping I have tried every thing under the sun to find something that is effective. I am usually doused in traditional DEET products and started using natural Citronella products too but found that nothing worked for me. I was dubious about the Eco repel product at first and thought the price tag was a little steep but on the quest to continue to try every mosquito repellent out there (and being a huge coconut matter fan of the deodorants and soaps range) I'm annoyed I didn't order it sooner! I was outdoors all day and only used the Eco repel on my exposed skin - and I only received ONE mosquito bite from the whole day (definitely a bite I received just before applying the repellent). Sounds too good to be true - but it isn't, it's real! I am absolutely delighted and amazed at this product. Worth every cent and more. Stock up on yours now! Thank you coconut matter! From a very satisfied mosquito bite free fan!

I'm smitten!

I've been using the deodorants for abt 6 months now and I have to say that I am really glad that I made the switch! I was so pleasantly surprised to realise on one fine evening at home that my pits didn't smell even though I didn't apply MOOD that morning! May fav scent is spring.

Love it

I love the deodorant. I’ve been using it for a year now and it’s wonderful. It took a few weeks for my body to adjust and now it works well. I love the scent. Only downside is that the sticks don’t last long - I probably get one month’s use out of each so it does work out expensive per use.

Soothing and smells great

My trusty office companion!! It's hard not to have dry hands using hand sanitizers and being in a heavily air-conditioned room all the time. I love how the product soothes my hands without any irritation. Its very easy to absorb and the jasmine scent smells elegant. Strongly recommend!

Essential for our family!!

So grateful to have come across ECOrepel. It's the perfect mosquito repellent for babies and toddlers. My baby girl wasn't bitten by any mosquito at all after a day out. I love how it's 100% made of natural ingredients, easy to apply, smells pleasant, not sticky and comfortable on skin. Just love the product!!

It's Magic!

After using for 1 week, it already removed body odor. After 2 weeks of continues use, I noticed that I don't have to apply it every day. It's really worth the price! Highly recommended! 💗

ZEN Natural Deodorant

I love this product - it smells really good and I have never had a problem with it. i will be buying another one soon!

Coconut Pit Detox 3 Pack Natural Deodorants
The best

I ordered it as a special present for my daughter who just had her first period. Like a rite of passage to teen hood. She uses the unscented as she doesn’t like anything scented and I use the bliss. We love it. The smell is amazing and I’ve stopped using anti perspirants.

SPRING Natural Deodorant
No irritation of skin

I was very pleased with this deodorant for the fact that I can use it right after shaving and it does not cause irritation. I love the smell and I will have to see how long it lasts me. It is more pricey but if it lasts long enough I will buy it again definitely.So happy about the eco packaging.

COCONUT Unscented Natural Deodorant
Coconut Unscented Natural Deodorant

Was hesitant to purchase at first, but glad i did. Loving it! :)

Coconut Pit Detox 4 Pack Natural Deodorants
Viola fay Benitez

this was my second order. the first time, i ordered your pack of 3. i loved it the first time i used it. hence, this second order.
i shared this to a friend who was looking for a deo for her daughter. i gave her one and her daughter loved it. she said her underarm is no longer wet and smells good at the same time.

SPRING Natural Deodorant
Glad I tried it

I have been checking out the Mood products for quite some time but only decided to buy one recently. And I'm glad I did. Product feels nice on the skin. Yeah I still sweat but it still smells nice (I love SPRING) compared with the commercial deos I've tried. Will definitely try the other variants too.

This is 100% helpful! I bring it everywhere with me!

I always get bitten by mozzies and no matter how long my pants / sleeves are, the mosquitoes will find a way to bite me. I put this to test and spammed it all over my body and went hiking. To my surprise, there isn’t any bites at all except for the areas that I didn’t put EcoRepel. This is amazing and best part is that it is made of natural ingredients and safe for kids too. Highly recommended!!

Really Worked To Soothe My Bites!!

Forgot to apply repellent and ended up with at least 30 mosquito bites no joke…They were red, swollen and this product really helped to calm them down.

Whenever I felt the urge to scratch, I would just rub the stick directly on my bites. The balmy texture is truly amazing, it felt like I was literally erasing the itch away!! It didn't sting at all, and unlike other after-bite products I've tried in the past, the scent is also super light and soothing which is a big PLUS!

Felt like I had to share these before & after photos (Sorry internet! The effect is really amazing esp they were only a few days apart). The swelling went down really quickly and I was able to wear my shorts in the summer heat without feeling conscious (and no scars from scratching!!)

Thank you Coconut Matter for this lifesaver!! Now I can enjoy my summer in peace.

COCONUT Unscented Natural Deodorant
Cecille Saenz
4 pack natural deodorant

Bought 4 pack + 1 promo mood deodorant, tried all the scents and I sooo love it…I am now an avid fan and I’m in love with coconut matter!!! It’s just amazing how it works on me! Pricey though…🤭🤭 but it’s worth it.

Coconut Pit Detox 5 Pack Natural Deodorants

Introducing this product to my daughter is worth it,it maybe a bit pricey but atleast i saved my daughter from harmful chemicals than are used by other products/brands and it is less guilt coz no plastic was used. I also use the product and my first spring deo is still yet finished - its more than 2months now since we switched to Mood Deo. happy!

Coconut Pit Detox 4 Pack Natural Deodorants
Coconut Pit Detox 4 Pack Natural Deodorants

So far the best. I stopped using deodorant as they are made with chemicals. Till I found this and started using them.

Best mosquito repellent for kids and mom!

Love everything about this repellent:
- DEET free and child safe
- Made of ethical coconut oil and natural essential oils
- Smells lovely, not too strong
- Helps soothe the itch once already bitten
- Plastic free, compostable packaging including when shipping to you
- Cruelty-free
- Carbon neutral shipping

Literally the only repellent I would use for my kids!

SPRING Natural Deodorant
Rachael Kable
Spring - By far the best natural deodorant ever!

I've tried a lot of natural deodorants over the years and this is my favourite by far. All the deodorants from Coconut Matter are amazing and I'm planning to buy all of them soon to replace the ones I've used up. But this particular scent is just beautiful. A little sweet, a little floral, but still subtle. I love it! 10/10

HERO Natural Deodorant
Lalyn Lozadas

Yes! Your products worked with my kids! Thank you

Coconut Pit Detox 4 Pack Natural Deodorants
Coconut Pit Detox Deodorant

Very happy to have come across Coconut Matter Pit Detox Deodorant! I have always used Aluminum Zirconium deodorants because it was the only deodorant that would control the sweat and odor for me. I never felt easy about it as it clogs the pores and required several washes to get it off. I had tried many deodorants out there in the market but none of them ever seemed to work until I came across an ad on insta for Coconut Matter and thought why not give it a try and I am so glad that I did! I ordered the 4 pack because I wanted to test out all the scents and I have to say I love them all. The scents are subtle and light like a cool summer breeze. It glides on smooth leaving no residue and kudos to you for the sustainable packaging! It took about a week to go through the detox period and although I still sweat some times, there is no odor. The 2 downsides for me was shipping and cost. It took about 2 weeks to receive them and yes they are pricey. I can work around the shipping but I do hope you can adjust the prices just a smidge 😊 Or offer some great promotions and discounts. Overall, A+ for me. This is a great product and stands true to what they say.

Thanks for sharing Diana! So glad detox period was brief and you are enjoying all scents.
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SPRING Natural Deodorant
Grace Chang

SPRING Natural Deodorant

Coconut Pit Detox 5 Pack Natural Deodorants
Melek Aslihan Kara

Long years a member of the coconut tribe and I see coconutmatter as a family meanwhile. It kind of belongs into my life.

Love the smell, love the texture, love the philosophy and love the environment-friendly package.

It is my number one solution for a healthy (zero aluminum) antiperspirants. Let’s be honest here, I am sweating a lot, (even with hardly any movement). And when making daily sports, it’s getting really WILD under the armpits.

But here is a product that is strong enough to withstand my body sweat machinery. And is soft enough to carry me lightly through the day like a cool summer breeze.

Thank you coconut matter 😘

Thank you so much, your continuous support allow us to keep doing our best!

BLISS Natural Deodorant
Awesome Deo!

The best deodorant I’ve ever tried! I’ve been using deodorant for like forever and this one REALLY works for me. It’s just pricey…🥲 hope that you could give promos so I can hoard all the scents. However... My problem is that it keeps coming off the container whenever I put since it’s already small and all the dirt from the floor sticks to it. Hope that you could come up with a solution to it.

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No More Blues Nourishing Lavender Hand Balm
Deanna Pallister
No More Blues Hand Balm

My business is in hospitality. Hands in water and out of water all day. A very convenient purse size package to grab on the run to soothe under nourished hands. It's light, it's fresh and as with any oil it needs to be given the time and warmth to penetrative. A lovely gift for yourself or another.

A little goes a long way too. Glad you are the hand balm is protecting your hands ❤️