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Now my favorite!

I had doubts about this deodorant because i have tried a no of natural deodorants before and they were either: not anti-perspirants or were short lived. But i just love my Spring product! i like its consistency, its fragrance, its packaging and its advocacy! Im excited to try other fragrances! BTW, i also tried the tinted lip balm shades and again.. now my favorite!! i said goodbye to my branded makeup :) :) I am so thankful i tried coconut matters :)

Love them all!

I love this deodorant and the scents I got. There’s no greasy or white residue and the scent lasts for hours!

Very nice

Clean while green


this is my 2nd time buying,, i tried just bliss first and i loved it so much i bought all 5 this time! all the other scents are just as amazing,, does not leave stains on clothes,, and most importantly they work!!! will be using these forever,,

Very effective

The deo is effective. We have been looking and trying different organic deo for my daughter and this one is the most effective. She didn't have any irritations and didn't have any B.O after a long day at school. I highly-recommend this


I've been using it for months and the results are as i was expecting.😍

It’s the best and amazing deodorant that me and my teenager son ever use! We just love the refreshing smell and protection that gives you the whole day from work and school for my son for being active at sports . My teenager already requesting for other set and definitely buying soon..

Mood All-natural, vegan deodorant

Worth the try!

Finally, found the one that really works after so many years of searching!

MOOD Deodorant 3 Pack - Top Sellers

MOOD Deodorant 5 Pack - Full Collection

Best Natural and Plastic Free Dedorant

I have probably tried 5-8 different brands of natural and plastic-free deodorant. None of them compare to how smooth this is to apply to your skin! It is so nice and glides so easily. I love the scents too, they are more natural than many deodorants that I have tried.

Love the smell!

Bought a pack of 3 to try . And started with SPRING. It smelt really good , and luxurious. Ditched our dollar-store ones and now it’s such a joy starting our day with these deodorants ! Mood uplifting!

Love it!

My daughter and I love the deodorant, and although we started to use it several times a day, we are now using it twice daily, morning and night. It helped with the bad odor, and now we both smell nice.

thanks for sharing your success! Perhaps soon you can cut down to once a day (in the morning). We have customers finding themselves applying every other day too ❤️

This is it! The best natural and safe deo I've ever tried. Been looking for a real natural deo and had no regret trying this product, my underarm felt soothed and refreshed. A must-try!

Yay! So glad you found us too!

Order 5 and 1 item not brand new

Just got the items. The pink and green are totally brand new and look fine. We figured to push them up from bottom.

Quite strange the yellow one does not have same secure tag and some one already pushed up. It does not look 100% brand new compared to others

We ran out of our usual round tamperproof stickers and the new batch did not arrive from UK on time. The tamperproof sticker is a compostable sticker that we custom made in UK.

As such. we used a white label for BLISS. Please be assured that your BLISS is 100% brand new. Please note that Its also common for product to move within the tube during transportation.

Once again, please accept our apology for not replying to your email on 15 Dec on a timely basis.

Amazing Product Outstanding Customer Service

I just started using CM deodorant because two things are a “no-go” for me, animal testing of any kind at any point, and any chemicals (including fragrance). When I ordered and my shipment was lost not only did CM respond quickly but they got me a replacement for my order (that the third party carrier lost) too! Products that fill all my needs and customer service that’s awesome too? Yep I’m a customer for life! 😊

Amazing Product!

I like how it doesnt stain my cloths! It is also quite lasting!

5 in a set mood deodorant

We were intially sceptical but after more than 4months of usage,we came back for more.These deodorants haf our pits smell good.

Excellent product

Mood Deodorant

I bought them for my girls to try. They didn't give any bad comments think should be not so bad. If there's any promotion I'll buy again. Thank you

Amazing discovery

All my life I have been struggling to find a good deodorant as my armpits are the most sensitive parts of my body I easily get allergies in my armpits thus am careful in choosing my deodorants. Tried almost everything until coconut matter came thank you that is all natural too.

Best Deodorant Ever!

Mood keeps your odour controlled even on the days you are not wearing it! And when you wear it, you will know it is the best because it won't make you feel wet and uncomfortable.

Shirley Chung


Best natural deo

It's my 2nd time to buy 5 Pack - Full collection. It's a proof that I enjoy using this natural product. Aside from having fresh armpits with no BOs. My whites doesn't get stained anymore versus commercial deos. Truly, it only contain natural ingredients. Happy MOOD user here!