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Something new

I've used other deos before but when I saw the ad in instagram, I just wanted try this which was something new. I would say that it exceeded my expectation and I like the scent very much. However, the downside of it, is that it's kind of difficult to close and open the container. Otherwise, it is a fantastic deo!

Repeat customer

Still loving the scents and happy that each stick is now higher in weight. Not sure if anyone has the same experience as me, but now that the weight is higher, each time i try to twist open and close the stick with the cover, it is extremely tight?

Hello Vivienne,

Yay glad you noticed each stick is now bigger ;) Indeed we switched to new compostable paper tubes and they were not the best....We have now started shipping improved ones that close easily and are much better to use over time!

Would love to hear your feedback on them x

With love,

Exceeded my expectations!

This is the 3rd brand of all-natural and eco-friendly deo that I’ve tried. It delivered its promise. 1 application in the morning lasted me the whole day without smelling and sweating a lot. I’m settled and happy now😍

It's life-changing and it works

My sister's kid hit puberty and along with it came the much-dreaded body odor. It made the child very self-conscious, to put it lightly. The situation became uncomfortable and problematic that it was a bit of a relief when the pandemic because it eliminated the need for social interaction. We tried all types of underarm remedies, from alum powder to calamansi (Philippine lime) to deodorants with organic ingredients, none of which worked. One day, I came across a video of the Coconut Matter CEO talking about the company's deodorants. Curious, I began my research into the company and read review after review about their products and I concluded that they had the most consistent reviews of any deodorant I had come across. However, I was still hesitant because they cost 10x more than the most expensive deodorant I had ever purchased. After much consideration and with schools reopening, I decided to take the plunge and placed my order. Just after one use, I can say this with confidence and without exaggeration: this is the best money you'll ever spend. No trace of body odor whatsoever, even when sweating heavily. For those who want to call me out for such a lengthy review, I want to tell you that this was a journey for my sister, myself, and especially my sister's child. Bullying is a tragic reality in a lot of institutions, especially in schools. But now, we do not have to fear dealing with bullying incidents or having to comfort a depressed adolescent. We no longer spend money on remedies that do not work. Best of all, the child's confidence has been boosted greatly. All because of a stick of deodorant. So I am encouraging everyone who needs it to take the plunge. It works.

Hi Paulette,

Thank you for sharing your story with us ❤️ Glad to hear you decided MOOD was worth it after all!

Our ingredients are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and fair trade so you might not be supporting the cheapest company but communities that matters ;)

No kid should ever have to feel that way about themselves...It is so encouraging to hear just with one deodorant stick, your sister’s child has managed to take back their confidence in school :) I’m sure many families who are struggling with the same issue will find your story very helpful!

Thank you for sharing your story again x

The real deodorant

This is the best deodorant and a real one for that matter I have ever used. Of course I love the scents but I lean more on BLISS and ZEN...This has made me more confident even when I sweat because I know it will never fail me...The environment friendly feature is a plus👍 It is worth the price 🥰👏

Mood All-natural, vegan deodorant

Best Natural deodorant

Is my first experience to try on natural deodorant and it did really work, is smell good and smooth.. love it.. and i never get enough to share my experince with friends, Thank you Coconut Matter


My go-to deodorant for life

Been using Mood for 2 years. Tried all 5 scents and found that Spring and Zen worked best on me (only need to apply once a day, whereas others required two applications a day). Never had a problem with packaging. Love that everything is plastic-free. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Great color!

Love the bright color of this lipbalm. Smells amazing too.

Mood All-natural, vegan deodorant


Smells nice and apply well only if u are lucky with the packaging. Out of 3 I used so far, I couldn't close properly for two of them and the flakes and stuff from the deodorant falling to the ground is quite irritating and messy to clear if u happen to have someone who step over it accidentally. And of course not to mention about the wastage that I have to throw before finishing the stick. It is true that being good to health and smells nice is plus point but I would not consider buying again unless packaging is changed as it gives me frustration while using so far.

Hello Shirleen
We switched to new compostable paper tube and they were not the best. We have now started shipping new compostable paper tube that close easily and much better to use over time! As for the last bite of deodorant, please check out our tutorial video

Hope you will try MOOD again!

with love

Scent of deodorant

Bought lemongrass last time which didn't completely got rid of the smell. For the wood scent one, it's a lot better. Really love the scent
Thanks again for sharing such a good product with us

Yes, some essential oils blend work better than others, really worth exploring which MOOD suits your skin chemistry best!
Delighted you have found ZEN!

Very effective

Sweated without odour. Love it!

Good product

It is good, really good. Smells wonderful and most importantly works really well, better than some of the deodorant commonly found. It is also easy to remove during showers. I love all the smell. I'm very impressed.
I tempted to mix zen and citrus smell together.

The only problem I have is with the packaging. Whenever the dedorant comes into contact with the ink printed on the inner tube, it will smear and came off. So it doesn't looks good after some use. Also when the dedorant left a little at the bottom of the tube it will comes off easily from the tube base when applying. Kind of waste to throw it away cos it can still go for 1 or 2 more application. Perhaps a groovy rough bottom design will help to keep the last bits on for application.

Overall I'm still very please with this product and decided to switch to coconut matter permanently for my needs.

Oh wow - love how you mix and mixed the blends!

When we switched to compostable packaging, we had problem with the lid which makes closing difficult, among other issues. We have just started using new batch of compostable tubes and they are much better!

Hope you will try the new tubes soon!

Fast relief

The repellent works very quickly in easing the itchy feeling! Great product!


Been using the Mood deodorant for two weeks and the results are amazing!
Underarm pores are declogged… and those pores had been clogged for ages with big lumps…!!!


My skin gets irritated when I dipped into the pool for long. This repellent saves me from scratching all day. And i loved the smell too💕. Thanks for this freebie.

Best repellent ever

It works the best on my sensitive skin specially under hot & humid summer.


I absolutely love this! This is the best repellent I've used so far =)


ECOREPEL is just perfect. I received it as a freebie, and boy I was glad they gave me one! I've always been prone to mosquito and insect bites, but ever since I used this product, it really helped soothe and relieve itches. I'm already addicted to using it every time I have insect bites, it's really effective plus it has a pleasant smell. Totally loved it! Thank you, Coconut Matter!

The solution!

My daughter had a body odor, i tried different kind of deodorant , it doesnt work!
then i discovered coconut matter!
This is the only deodorant that works!

Mary Elisha Palencia
No more itch!

I got the ecorepel as a freebie. As soon as I got it, I used it immediately. I live in a tropical country where mosquitoes are everywhere. This gave relief to itch from mosquito bites. Plus it smells good. Thank you coconut matter!

Love it :)

It’s a really good mosquito repellent, n I love its natural pleasant smell!

This deo can handle 8-hour hikes in Hong Kong summer sun!

I've never come across any deo that is up to the task of Hong Kong heat and humidity, until I used Mood. I've been using them for a few years now, and I could never use anything else (I've been spoiled!). HERO (spirited and confident!) gets the gold medal from me, with BLISS (zesty!) and ZEN (earthy!) in close second! Is it weird that even my cat likes it and licks my T-shirts sleeves and backpack straps?!? It works for big sweaters like my husband and I. This product is worth it on all fronts including the environmental sustainability angle of no plastics. Coconut matter are doing things right!


This is my first time to try the deo and I love it! Will definitely order again...