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The coconut oil is very good and does what it says in the description but the dropper doesn’t work. I couldn’t get any of the oil in, even though I had soaked the bottle in hot water and the oil is no longer solidified.
I end up pouring the liquid on to my hand and apply it that way.. I will not buy it again in case I have the same issue with the dropper.

Too Effective to Ignore!

Finally found THE ONE after looooonggg years of trying every product
available in the market!

Just one thing though, the deodorant falls off easily if you are not careful in opening it - just what happened to mine recently. I believe it is an isolated case because I had purchased several mood deo before and all went well.

Buttery texture

Very Moisturising with nice scent

Great lip balm products - my everyday go-to

Love love how smooth the lip tint balm glides on my lips and skin. I can basically switch it up to a dewy-look blusher if I need some colour on my cheeks. Gives a natural glow. Love it. Amazing that the products are all so natural too 🫶🏻

MOOD Deodorant 5 Pack - Full Collection

Good enough but can be improved

Mood is a good deodorant, but I realise it would cause dryness on my armpit. & I wish it could improve its formula in order to avoid white stains on dark clothings.

Love it

Great product and now it's easier to carry around.

1st time to order

I have used so many brands of deodorant sticks but this brand is the best among all. It does not feel sticky all day long even if you perspire severely, you still smell fresh and good. I am using the Zen variant and it suits my body chemistry. Will try the other variants once I consume this as my initial order was the 5-pack one.


These deodorants are little gems!
They smell good, do the job and leave me with a clean conscience too!

My Coconut Matter review

This is my 2nd purchase and I will never go back to any other organic deodorant ever again. After I finished my 1st purchase (I think it was a 3-pack, I thought maybe I’d try other organic deodorants in the market. I am from the Philippines and there’s also a booming market for organic local products but sadly they didn’t work like Coconut Matter does. So here I am with my 2nd purchase and loving it! I hope you’ll open a store here someday ☺️ thank you.

Switching to natural

Feels good to do the switch. Products smells nice and refreshing❤️

Absolutely Amazing

I’m so glad I gave MOOD deodorants a try! They are amazing. Dry,lasting ,non-toxic and environmentally friendly. What more could I ask for. I’m a fan and I’m sharing with friends and relatives

Nature scents

I love the eco-packaging and I like the scent and that it doesn’t feel super greasy. It works well on the undersides but I got rashes when applied on the bra-line.

Thank you!

Loved the smell and the container.

It’s very mild. Not feel irritated even use after shaving! Love the good good smell as well

My true experience with MOOD

I was a little disappointed when I tried to order a customised pack with my preferred fragrance but request was not submitted successfully through the website. Upon receiving my feedback, the team delivered my preferred fragrance to me with no additional cost to me. I truly appreciate this kind gesture knowing that it could be at no fault of them.
Best natural deodorant that I've ever tried and with this experience with coconut matter team, they win me as their loyal customer!

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I sincerely apologise that your preferred Spring fragrance was not captured for your 5 pack order.

I completely understand your disappointment in receiving the standard pack with fragrances you do not care for.

I can assure you that we are working diligently on our systems to allow customers to choose their preferences without submitting instructions. A new update will be implemented in November.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve.

Love, Diane

back to beauty!

When I get pregnant, I acted against endokrin perturbators; i stopped perfume, deodorant, conditionner, liquid soap, etc.Hygiene started to be boring however I wanted (an I want) my kids to be safe and secured
Coconuts matter changed my life as now I'm back to deodorant and I can share those and the skin creams and the lipsticks .. with my teeanagers daughters.

MOOD Deodorant 5 Pack - Full Collection

5 star

Love this product. Will buy again ❤️

So sad for my 10yo

I'm using the Bliss and I'm loving it. I love the scent. Though if too much hot weather, I still sweat but no odor at all. I even recommended it to my friend and she purchased one too.

I'm just sad coz I bought 1 for my 10yo daughter. At first , my daughter loved it coz it really removed her odor.. but as time passed like after 2 months, it already made some side effects of redness and it didn't deodorize since her underarm smelled again. So sad.

Do you have something w mild scent or something hypoallergenic?


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our Bliss natural deodorant. I'm pleased to hear you are enjoying the product and scent.

I'm sorry to hear your daughter experienced irritation and redness after 2 months of use.I shall reach out off line to offer some suggestions. In the mean time, please ask her to stop using it.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and are happy to help find the best natural deodorant for your needs.

Love, Diane

Review for deodorant set

I like the packaging because I support the decreased use of plastic wastes. I ordered the complete set and I used the pink one. My 19-year old daughter used the yellow one and my 24-year old son used the unscented one. We like the ease of application. Even when we have to spread the product on the armpit with the fingers, there is no off feeling.

I still sweat on a hot day but I still have decent protection from body odor.

My dauhter already finished 1 tube. I noticed that the area surrounding the armpit has rashes. She didn't have that with our previous natural deodorant. We will observe with the next tube she just started with.

My son has been using the product for about 10 days now. He showed me the area surrounding the armpit where rashes are, like with his sister. He will stop using the product for now. I make a natural deo for him using coconut oil and essential oils. He will go back to using that for now.

Dear Flordeliza

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on our natural deodorant collection. We're pleased to hear you appreciate the eco-friendly packaging and easy application.

I'm very sorry to hear that your daughter and son experienced rashes and irritation around the armpit area after using the deodorants. Skin sensitivity and contact dermatitis are possible side effects of natural deodorants for some individuals. There are also other common causes, such as applying too much. Please don't apply right after shaving.

For your son, has he used other products before? If so, might need to allow 2-4 weeks for skin to adjust to new deodorant..I shall reach out offline to offer suggestions.

We are grateful that you notified us about this issue. We hope to help ❤️

Love, Diane

Good environment friendly product which works and has a refreshing fragrance

lip tint

i am liking the lip tint. love the way that it colors my lips just enough - not too shiny not too colorful. love the Glow shade. I tried using it as a cheek tint but the it disappears in less than 5 minutes. I was hoping it stays but i guess this is just for the lips.

The best

Great combination!

Value for money. Cheaper than buying individually. Nicely packed! All were great smelling. Thanks for the free gift, hand balm! Fast overseas delivery within 7 days.