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How do I stay up to date?

Join the CocoTribe so we can email you updates on stuff you'll probably want to know about, including products, launches, surveys, and events. Enjoy 10% off your first purchase. Unsubscribe anytime

Follow @coconutmatter on Instagram and use #CocoTribe to share your experiences with us.

How do I share my sustainability journey on your blog?

Everyone’s journey to zerowaste is different. We would love to hear yours. Please pitch us your idea. If It relates to what we do, informative, well written and interesting, we will publish on our site and link it back to you.

What are the benefits of using our Referral program?

Thing is we found that most of the people (good people) choosing to purchase Coconut Matter were referring their gorgeous friends to us. This is such a kind act so we wanted to give it back: now both, you and your friend, will get a $5 voucher discount. We explain exactly what you need to do on our Ambassador page.

What does being part of CocoTribe means?

First of all, we are glad you are here, being part of our CocoTribe and contributing to the zero waste movement. Your loyalty to our brand promoting clean beauty deserves to be rewarded, so we have prepared a few different options for you: Ambassador, Rewards, Referral, Subscriber. Ready to rock with us?

What are the benefits of subscribing to our email list?

It's more than salty hair and coconut mood. It's because now you can get a 10% discount off your first purchase and FREE shipping for orders above USD $50 - we know it’s wild! If you do, you will receive some positive news on your inbox, and we Cocopromise we won’t overwhelm your inbox! Also… consider engaging on our Ambassador, Rewards and Referral programs to get all the goodness you deserve!

What are the benefits of being our Ambassador?

We explain it all the best we can on our Ambassador page. Quickly explained, you will access a gift kit from us, which we’ll ask you to review and also share on your Instagram feed. Then we will also give you a 10% discount on your birthday month! But wait… there is more: you will also benefit from the Rewards program, chose to Refer your besties and also Subscribe for more discounts and free shipping. We will overwhelm you of goodness, discounts, gifts… You are now part of our #CocoTribe. Welcome!

Do you have to be all at once Ambassador, Rewards, Referral and Subscriber?

Not at all! We have created those different programs so that anyone can get involved in the zero-waste journey and benefit as much as possible of Coconut Matter goodness. With us, you can be it all or pick what suits you best!

What are the benefits of using our Rewards program?

We explain it all the best we can on our Ambassador page. Quickly explained, every time you purchase with us you will accumulate points which you can redeem in the form of discounts! You don’t have to be our ambassador to benefit of the Rewards program, however, it’s highly recommended for extra goodness, gifts and discounts!