Our Origin

We chose natural wild coconuts trees from the Solomon Islands because of it’s pristine blue waters and crystal clear skies. Here, time has stood still, whilst tradition and customs remain intact. To this day, the father of a newborn will plant several coconut trees on the day that a new child is born, and those trees would belong to the child for life, providing them with an abundant supply of food, shelter and fuel. The coconut tree’s life span of 60-80 years is considered a “three-generation tree” as it can support a farmer, their children, and their grandchildren. The islands are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, allowing us to produce only the purest virgin coconut oil. We only work with fairtrade smallholders range from family-run farms, local women’s groups to small island communities. Enjoy a little taste of the Solomon Islands in your home today.

8 steps to Pure, Fresh WILD virgin coconut oil

Step One

Wild coconuts are dehusked and split by hand.

Step Two

Wild coconuts are grated to extract their flesh.

Step Three

Wild coconut flesh is weighed into small batches.

Step Four

The grated coconut flesh is dried, ready for pressing.

Step Five

Each small batch is then cold pressed by hand.

Step Six

Our WILD Virgin Coconut Oil is freshly extracted.

Step Seven

Virgin coconut oil is filtered to ensure the purity.

Step Eight

Bottle the organic coconut oil: WILD, for Coconut Matter.



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