“While many well-known big beauty brands are making strides towards becoming the perfect balance of scents, colors, effectiveness, fragrances, safety, and zero waste, emerging beauty brands like Coconut Matter are fulfilling those promises right now." Beauty Matter 

Because all good things are wild and free, we are on a journey
to get beauty how it should be: free of cruelty and plant-based.
We want to support the circular economy and positively impact
communities where we source our ingredients from.
It’s all for a better lifestyle, a better world. A better you.
Can we make this together?

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We are wild yet very approachable. We find it awesome that you have
decided to feature us and always love to give back. Please share your
content piece with us and we’ll make sure it’s well shared across all
our digital channels. Your kindness matters to us, so we will also
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If you like to reach us out for a personal interview with the
founder or to try out the products for more accurate content
writing, please email us at press@coconutmatter.com. Thank you. Gorgeous.



465 reviews
Best natural deodorant I ever used ❤️❤️❤️

Very pleasant scented in each of the moods of coconut pit detox deodorant. Definitely will order again and I also highly recommend these products for anyone who’s been having a problem with an unpleasant smell from the sweat. Helps lighten armpits discoloration as well. And I wish that the spray deodorant version of this coconut pit detox will be available soon🙏🏼❤️

great natural deodorant!

i’ve been having trouble finding good natural deodorant that last and smell good through out the day. definitely recommend:)

Love it!

Asian mosquitoes are cruel
They used to bite me non-stop.
Luckily as soon as they bite me, I use my new repellent to calm down the pain and prevent them to come again!

BLISS Natural Deodorant
Love it

I love the smell and I feel good for my body when using it



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